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With the announcement of the journal Impact Factors, we would like to thank all the authors, peer reviewers and editors who have contributed to the Impact Factors for each of our journals. The core of each of our journals is to maintain strong research communities in different areas of microbiology.

FEMS Yeast Research is one such journal. This society journal has the yeast community at its center with all profits generated by the journal used to support early career yeast researchers to join conferences and to carry out research.  FEMS Yeast Research continues to support and maintain a strong yeast community for the advancement of yeast research in all areas of society, and it is this strong community that has contributed towards the latest increased Impact Factor of 3.299 for the journal.  

I am happy to see that papers published in FEMS Yeast Research are being even more recognized as excellent papers by the scientific community, as reflected in the increase of our impact factor. FEMS Yeast Research strives to publish high-quality research papers and MiniReviews that are impactful and of relevance for the yeast community and for the broader research community on cellular biology and physiology. As the leading yeast journal, we are keen to support the maintenance of a very strong yeast research community, and to this aim we have recently introduced retrospectives and interviews as new features in our journal.

Jens Nielsen, Editor-in-Chief, FEMS Yeast Research

To strengthen its focus on yeast research for the yeast community, FEMS Yeast Research has several special issues that you can read here, including a recent special issue in collaboration with the FEMS-sponsored yeast meeting, ISSY33.

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