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We are delighted to sponsor the 33rd International Specialised Symposium on Yeast (ISSY33), which is being held at University College Cork, Ireland on 26 – 29 June 2017 with a focus on engineering yeasts for industrial application.

The familiarity of yeast in many aspects of our daily lives, from beverages to pharmaceuticals, makes yeast a promising organism for future biotechnological applications. This is something that FEMS Yeast Research has long recognized, and this meeting aims to explore the potential of further exploiting the natural diversity of yeasts to create new strains for future applications.

FEMS Yeast Research and ISSY33 have collaborated together to produce a new Virtual Special Issue for this event, allowing you to explore the latest research from some of the key figures and speakers at ISSY33. This ISSY33 Virtual Special Issue was edited by ISSY33 Scientific Chair, John Morrissey.

The ISSY organisers are very pleased to have been invited to assemble this virtual special issue of FEMS Yeast Research to mark ISSY33. A selection of recent papers published in FEMS Yeast Research by YEASTCELL ESRs and ISSY33-invited speakers were collated for this issue. These review and research articles showcase some of the best research in the themes of ISSY33: beverage yeasts, metabolic engineering and yeast cell factories… Although the past 5 years have seen major advances and breakthroughs, one does not need special insight to predict that the best is yet to come. This is an exciting time to be a yeast scientist and we can look forward with confidence to the future of this discipline.

John Morrissey, ISSY33 Virtual Special Issue

Whether you are attending ISSY33 or not, we hope you enjoy this collection of articles from the yeast community.

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