FEMS2019 Video Interview Series: Prof Ken-ichi Yoshida, FEMS Ambassador for Japan


At FEMS2019 (7-11 July 2019) in Glasgow, Scotland, we interviewed a range of scientists to find our more about their research and teaching, their inspiration, and microbiology!

In our 6th interview from this series, we talk with Prof. Ken-ich Yoshida, the first FEMS Ambassador for Japan, and Professor of Applied Microbiology at the Graduate School of Science, Technology, and Innovation at Kobe University, Japan.

Ken-ichi’s microbiology hero: Prof. Jeff Errington, Member of the European Academy of Microbiology (EAM)

To find out about FEMS2021 (11 – 15 July, Hamburg, Germany) visit the website: https://www.fems2021.org

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