Prof. Hilary Lappin-Scott is the new President of FEMS


We are extraordinarily pleased to announce that Prof. Hilary Lappin-Scott is our new President. She officially took on the role from 7 September 2019, at the recent FEMS Council Meeting in Milan (Italy).

Hilary is the third female President of FEMS, and the first from the UK and Ireland. She is a renowned microbiologist who has spent much of her career researching microbial biofilm communities. Hilary has also been an active ambassador for science and microbiology, and is an avid supporter of advancing science for people of all identities and backgrounds.

Hilary Lappin-Scott takes on her role as President of FEMS at our Council Meeting in Milan

We give our thanks to outgoing President, Bauke Oudega, who has provided steady leadership over the past three years. Bauke said he was “happy to leave knowing FEMS is moving ahead.”

Commenting on her appointment, Hilary said: “I am truly honoured to be elected as the President of FEMS for the coming three years. I’m aware that I am taking over this role at a time of challenges for learned societies and as Brexit looms. Never has it been more important for microbiology societies to work together on these issues but also on addressing some of the biggest global challenges to health and to our environment.”

Hilary is a the former President of the Microbiology Society, one of our Member Societies. Read their news release on Hilary’s appointment in relation to their global perspective on international collaboration in science.

Watch our video interview from FEMS2019 with Prof. Lappin-Scott and her colleague Dr. Sara Burton.

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