Prof. Hilary Lappin-Scott and Dr. Sara Burton Interview


At FEMS2019 (7-11 July 2019) in Glasgow, Scotland, we interviewed a range of scientists to find our more about their research and teaching, their inspiration, and microbiology! In the first video of this series, we interviewed Prof. Hilary Lappin-Scott, one of the founding members of the European Academy of Microbiology (EAM), and Dr. Sara Burton after they had given their networking session for our Congress Attendance Grantees.

Each week we will be publishing a new video interview with the scientists we managed to pin down at FEMS2019. So make sure to like the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss an interview!

While during FEMS2019 Hilary was the Vice-President of FEMS, we are very pleased to announce that during the recent FEMS Council Meeting in Milan (6-7th September, 2019) she officially took on the role of President of FEMS. Hilary is the third female President of FEMS and the first from the UK and Ireland.

Hilary’s Microbiology hero: Rita Colwell

Sara’s Microbiology hero: My whole microbiome

To find out about FEMS2021 (11 – 15 July, Hamburg, Germany) visit the website:

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