Belgian Society for Microbiology (BSM)


Prof. Damien Thiry

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Belgian Society for Microbiology (BE-BVM~SBM)

The Belgian Society for Microbiology (BSM) is a nonprofit association (VZW/ASBL) dedicated to the advancement of microbiological sciences in the broadest sense (by-laws here). It was founded in 1996 to give all the microbiologists in Belgium a chance to meet and discuss Science in a friendly atmosphere. Since then, the Society successfully organized more than twenty Symposia devoted to specific and trendy topics that attracted from year to year between 110 and 200 participants.

BSM Members have free access to BSM-organized activities, get reduced fees for BSM-sponsored activities, receive the BSM newsletter and are automatically member of the Federation of the European Microbiological Societies (FEMS).

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