Belgian Society for Microbiology (BE-BVM~SBM)

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Membership scope: the Belgian Society for Microbiology is a non-profit membership learned society dedicated to the advancement of microbiological sciences in the broadest sense. It aims to unify people active in any area in which microbiology is involved.    Provide details of any specialisations / limits / remits of members – for example what fields (eg: microbiology, biotechnology) and sectors (eg: research, applied research, practice)

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There is only 1 type of membership before July 15th: 25 (€)

after this date: 30 (€)
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Contact point – FEMS Delegate

Prof. Dr. Jan Michiels

Request additional contact details via


Founded 18th November 1996 under the auspices of the National Committee of Microbiology

Member of FEMS since 1998

Featured Issue

Bacterial-Viral Co-infections

FEMS Microbes is excited to present its latest thematic issue, focusing on bacterial-viral co-infections. Host and microbial factors are critically important for influencing the severity and outcome of infection. Interactions between microbes is an understudied yet important aspect to this process.

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