Italian Society for Virology / Società Italiana di Virologia

Prof. Giorgio Gribaudo

Via Gabelli, 63, 35121 Padova, Italy

Italian Society for Virology (IT-SIV-ISV)

The activity of the SIV-ISV is carried out by promoting, encouraging and sponsoring studies, research, and cultural initiatives, including the funding of projects and research programs in the field of Virology, by:

  • drafting guidelines on issues of scientific, social, cultural and normative relevance in Virology
  • advising activities for the Authorities and Scientific/Health Institutions focused on prevention, epidemiology, diagnosis, therapy and emergencies in the Virology field
  • disseminating the cultural issues of Virology in all areas, including the activity of informing Public Opinion, through the media on scientific discoveries or on hot topics related to Virology
  • organizing congresses, symposia, and meetings on Virology subjects, at National and International level; by fostering the scientific collaboration and synergies with institutional, public and private Institutions, and among researchers in the field of Virology
  • establishing relationships with similar national and foreign associations; by promoting the valorization, training and professional growth of young people in all the Virology areas