Finnish Biochemical, Biophysical, and Microbiological Society / Societas Biochemica, Biophysica et Microbiologica Fenniae


Dr Peter Sarin

University of Helsinki, Molecular and Integrative Biosciences Research Programme, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Biocenter 1 (room 6213), PO Box 56, FI-00014 University of Helsinki


Finnish Biochemical, Biophysical, and Microbiological Society (FI-SBBF)

Dr Peter Sarin, FEMS Delegate

Biobio Society has nine divisions: Biochemistry, Biophysics, Microbiology, Virology, Food Science, Plant Molecular Biology, Peptide, Glycoscience and Proteomics divisions, and a local division in Oulu. Through membership in the Biobio Society you are also a member of several international scientific organizations. These organizations offer their members a wide variety of research grants.

Biobio society has three active subdivisions and the local division in Oulu.

  • Finnish Peptide Society
  • Finnish Glycoscience Network
  • Finnish Proteomics Society
  • Oulun Biokemistiseura ry
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