Prof Victor Sourjik


- Signal transduction
- Systems biology
- Synthetic biology

Research website:Sourjik lab

Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Department of Systems and Synthetic Microbiology, Germany

+49 6421 28 21400

FEMS Expert: Prof Victor Sourjik


One major aim of Prof Victor Sourjik’s research is to quantitatively understand the organization and molecular and physiological functions of cellular networks in microorganisms. As model systems, his research group uses several networks that regulate key cellular processes and behavior in E. coli and in S. cerevisiae.

They use fluorescence microscopy and other techniques to investigate the ability of these networks to sense and integrate multiple environmental and internal stimuli, to reliably control cell behavior or physiology and to spatially organize within the cell. They further aim to better understand the relationship between the single-cell and collective behavior within microbial communities, including cell differentiation and communication.

They use experimental evolution and competition to obtain insights into the selection pressure on cellular functions and their evolvability. In most of their work, they combine experiments with theoretical analysis and computational modeling to elucidate principles that are common to various biological systems, such as suppression and utilization of biological variation and self-organization. Finally, theye explore how cellular functions might be re-engineered for potential applications and aim for an in vitro reconstitution of essential cellular processes.