Finnish Academy of Science and Letters

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters was founded in 1908 to promote scientific research and to bring together those engaged in advanced research. The Academy organizes meetings for current research to be presented and it also produces scientific publications and statements of scientific opinion. Only the microbiologists from this wider academy are listed below.

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Hatakka, Annele
Hedman, Klaus Peter
Jalkanen, Sirpa Tuulikki
Julkunen, Ilkka Antero
Mäkelä, Valto
Saksela, Kalle Martti
Sea, Seppo Kalevi
Sistonen, Lea Tuulikki
Thesleff, Irma
Vaheri, Antti
Vuorio, Ikka


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FEMS Microbes is excited to present its latest thematic issue, focusing on bacterial-viral co-infections. Host and microbial factors are critically important for influencing the severity and outcome of infection. Interactions between microbes is an understudied yet important aspect to this process.

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