Out now: Chlamydia Thematic Issue


The bacterial genus, Chlamydia is an important driver of human infectious disease with more than a million new cases of Chlamydia infection reported in the last year alone. From causing trachoma, sexually transmitted disease and respiratory infections, Chlamydia is a source of intensive biological and medical research in the microbiology community.

To showcase the new developments in this field from emerging and established leaders on a range of cutting-edge topics, we are delighted to announce a new Thematic Issue on Chlamydia from Pathogens and Disease. This Thematic Issue is guest edited by Georg Haecker, Nicholas Thomson and Servaas Morré.

Explore a collection of articles on different species of Chlamydia, as well as on novel bacteria, persistent infection prevention, extrusion phenomenon and country-specific reviews.

We hope you enjoy this Thematic Issue and discover the current developments and future challenges in Chlamydia.

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