Out now: Climate Change Thematic Issue


Climate change is a huge global environmental challenge in today’s world and will continue to have a profound impact on life on our planet. The rise of sea levels, warming of our oceans, increased occurrence of storms and floods in some areas of the planet or droughts in others are well documented in the public eye as consequences of this global crisis.

Our microbial communities will also be greatly affected by climate change. The changes to their activity can have a profound impact on the planet, as well as on plants, animals and humans.

To showcase cutting edge research exploring the relationship between environmental change and the microbial world, we are delighted to announce a new Climate Change Thematic Issue from FEMS Microbiology Letters. This Thematic Issue is guest edited by:

We hope that you find this collection of articles an inspiring read for the role of microbiology in tackling the future challenges of climate change.

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