Out now: Vaccines virtual special issue


The global contribution of vaccinations in reducing the burden of infectious disease is a well recognized success story. Despite reducing mortality and morbidity, research into the development of new vaccines over the past decade have been somewhat moderate. The need for new vaccines in tackling current infectious diseases is as important as ever.

To showcase some of the current research and strategies in vaccine development, Pathogens and Disease is pleased to announce a virtual special issue in vaccines in collaboration with editor, Peter Timms.

With the unabated emergence of antibiotic resistance in many infectious diseases and the continuous creation of man-made environments that facilitate the emergence of previously rare or non-existent pathogens, the development of new vaccines is likely to become even more critical in the not-too distant future. This virtual issue is meant to highlight some of the most advanced, state-of-the-art strategies that are being developed today so that humans (and animals) may in the future continue to benefit from one of the oldest, most effective form of human-made self defense: vaccination against disease.”

Peter Timms, Editor, Pathogens and Disease

We hope you enjoy this collection of articles highlighting current research and strategies in vaccine development.

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