17th International Congress on Toxoplasmosis

We invite you the FEMS Sponsored Event – 17th International Congress on Toxoplasmosis. This will take place on 26-30 May 2024 in Berlin, Germany.

The International Congress on Toxoplasmosis is an integral event for our field as it unites a global community of students, young researchers and established leaders. In line with tradition, this conference will cover all aspects of Toxoplasma research, ranging from molecular biology to clinical disease and epidemiology—and thus we hope will spark interdisciplinary interactions. We expect up to 250 participants from around the world, many of whom will have the opportunity to present their latest work in short talks, turbo talks or posters.

We use the income from our FEMS Journals to fund our FEMS Grants! FEMS Journals are proud to invest back into science through sponsoring this meeting. 

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