3 Post-doctoral Positions: Soil microbiome - University of Minnesota (USA)

Post-doctoral researcher positions: Three, three-year post-doctoral positions are available in the Kinkel laboratory at the University of Minnesota.

One position will focus on leading research within a new, multi-state project studying the relationships between soil microbiome composition and functional characteristics and potato health and productivity (Job ID #328479). Amplicon sequencing data, pathogens, and pathogen suppressive populations will be evaluated across multiple states in relation to potato diseases and yield across diverse potato production systems. This project will provide critical information on the potential for microbiome management to support healthy potato production in the United States.

Two additional positions will focus on ecological and evolutionary factors that mediate the composition and functional capacities of soil microbiomes to support plant productivity (Job ID # 327351). One project utilizes a unique, long-term, 5-species crop monoculture experiment to test predictions of a mechanistic model for the development of disease-suppressive microbiomes. The second project explores variation in the coevolutionary dynamics of soil microbiomes in response to diverse treatments. Both projects will integrate data on microbial community composition (amplicon sequencing), microbial functional characteristics, and soil chemical characteristics, including carbon profiles. This research will contribute to the development of novel strategies for managing soil microbiomes for enhanced crop productivity.

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