4th International Metaproteomics Symposium - POSTPONED

COVID-19 Update:

The covid19 situation is worsening again world wild and models forecast a second wave for September.
Luxembourg and other countries are strengthening their rules regarding travels and public events.

As a result, we think the situation is not predictable enough to support the symposium in the best conditions and have decided to postpone the symposium to 2021. We really tried to make it happen this year but the facts are here, Covid19 is still present.

The metaproteomics community currently benefits from a strong momentum and we were really looking forward to meeting you all physically in Luxembourg. In order not to lose this momentum and to help you waiting patiently for next year, we will try to organize and propose you an alternative online event in September. More information should follow very soon on this website and via the email list.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
Take care!

The Neumünster abbey, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Metaproteomics is the large-scale characterisation of the entire protein complement of a microbiota directly from an environment at a given point in time. Research examining environmental and human-associated microbiomes via multi-omics is expending rapidly. Especially, functional meta-omic approaches such as metaproteomics are currently employed intensively and provide a more comprehensive picture of multiple environments and their associated microbial communities than what could be done previously.

The International Metaproteomics Symposium is the leading event in the field of metaproteomics and related microbiome studies. The aim of the symposium is to provide a platform for the participants to share their latest results in their respective fields using metaproteomic methods as well as discussing recent technologic innovations and presenting newly developed bioinformatic tools.

The Metaproteomics Symposium welcomes international scientists from every career stage and is characterised by its human dimension and promotion of high-quality interactions. The symposium is set up in sessions with short presentations in order to give the opportunity to present to a majority of the researchers in the field.

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