Archaea: Ecology, Metabolism and Molecular Biology (GRC)

COVID-19 Update

This conference has been deferred to 2023 due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check back soon for the 2023 schedule


The domain of life Archaea represents a vast diversity of organisms, metabolic strategies, genomes, and habitats worldwide. Thanks to the collaborative efforts by the community of researchers attending the GRC on “Archaea: Ecology Metabolism and Molecular Biology” since the meeting’s inception in 1984, discoveries abound, enabling unprecedented insight and rapid advances in archaeal biology. Recently, such knowledge advances have been enabled by new cross-disciplinary methods and ideas including metagenomics, cell biology, live imaging and biophysics, phylogenomics, biogeochemistry, metabolism, environmental microbiology and ecology, molecular biology and genetics, biochemistry, development of novel genetic systems, and discovery of new lineages. Collaboration across these fields, brought together in one meeting, enables general principles of life to be revealed. The 2021 meeting will continue the strong tradition of exciting, high quality cutting-edge science, this time centering on the theme of archaeal roots and branches, seeking to highlight general principles and notable exceptions in life’s history, toward predictive models.

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