Candida and Candidiasis 2020

The Microbiology Society is delighted to be delivering the next meeting on Candida and Candidiasis in 2020, which was formerly delivered by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) as part of their highly successful conference series that finished in 2018.

This meeting will take place in Montreal, Canada between 19–23 April 2020, and will address all aspects of Candida biology – species that are major causes of infectious disease in AIDS patients, cancer chemotherapy patients, premature infants, and many others. It will provide a vital forum for the Candida research community to present the latest advances and ideas about the following areas:

  • The diagnosis and treatment of Candida infections
  • Antifungal drug resistance
  • The genomics and epidemiology of the Candida clade
  • The molecular mechanisms that underpin Candida pathobiology
  • The immunological responses of the host to the fungus

This meeting will be driven by the community, with most talks being selected from the submitted abstracts. It will help determine the course of future research in this area and empower major ongoing efforts to understand, treat, and prevent Candida infections.

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