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FEMS Survey: Key and Emerging Microbiology Topics in 2018

The microbiology landscape is constantly changing with new discoveries and research findings, leading to new ways of addressing the most pressing challenges in society.

Identifying the key and emerging topics in science is important for researchers, policymakers, industry and funding bodies. It can help to direct research to tackle the most important challenges in society, as well as spur new lines of inquiry to improve lives, transform industries and safeguard our planet.

We would like to hear from you, the microbiology community, to take part in helping us identify the key and emerging topics in microbiology this year. We hope to make a positive impact in the community and your input would be a valuable resource.

Please take 5-10 minutes to take part in our survey and have your say.

SURVEY: Key and Emerging Microbiology Topics in 2018

Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions in this survey and feel free to forward it to anyone in your network who might be interested.

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