Full-time research and teaching position in microbiology and galenic pharmacy technology, Belgium

A full time mandate of assistant professor is granted for a first term of 2 years, renewable after notice of the competent bodies for 2 other periods of 2 years maximum for a full time.  The purpose of the mandate being to lead and finalize a doctoral thesis, the tasks will be equitably divided between “teaching “ and “ research “.  These can be reviewed on a regular basis.

The doctoral thesis will be part of a collaboration within the Faculty of Pharmacy of the ULB between the research team of Véronique Fontaine and the  laboratory of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics (Dr. Nathalie Wauthoz, laboratory manager: Dr. Karim Amighi).

The objective of the research project is to study the feasibility of a new patented drug combination as a potential anti-tuberculosis drug. This study will focus to study the frequency of development of mycobacterial resistance to this combination, to identify the mechanisms of resistance and to develop a dry powder formulation for administration by inhalation. The efficacy and mechanisms of action of the formulations will be evaluated in an infected macrophage model.

Required educational level:


  • Master level in Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Biomedical engineering or equivalent

Required Languages :

  • Français : excellent
  • English : good

For more information, please contact Véronique Fontaine (telephone: +32 2 6505296 – E-mail:

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