Journal Social Media Editor (volunteer) for FEMS Microbiology Reviews

We are looking for a new Journal Social Media Editor (JSME) to take the latest microbiological research published in FEMS Microbiology Reviews and produce widely communicated social media posts for our audience on Twitter, Facebook, (and potentially Instagram). This role is to be performed remotely: online and by email. 

You will get the chance to develop social media and science communications skills. No experience is necessary (although is desirable), there is plenty of time to learn and develop while volunteering with us.

You will work closely with the Science Communication Officer, the other JSMEs, and staff at the FEMS Office who will provide advice and training and a continued presence throughout your commitment.

Regular posts are the commitment expected (1 -2 per week). We also coordinate ad-hoc communications campaigns organized around specific events across the year. (e.g. International Women’s Day, Antibiotic Awareness Week, Peer Review Week etc.).

Please email a current CV and a short paragraph explaining your reasons for getting involved to:

Please also do make contact if you have any questions about the role you want answered first.

Applications Deadline: 24 February 2020

See our JSME team:
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