Mechanisms of Fungal Immunopathology

The 2019 Gordon Research Conference the Immunology of Fungal Infections focuses on leading advances in our understanding of the challenges that fungi impose on the immune system.


  • investigations using of NextGen sequencing and big data approaches
  • state of the art advances in fundamental immune processes controlling fungal infections and development of new strategies for immunotherapeutic control of these pathogens in humans
  • Other sessions: mechanisms of fungal immunity, pathogen-associated molecular patterns and corresponding pattern recognition receptors; adaptive immune responses and their regulation; impact of immunodeficiency and immunomodulation on fungal pathogenesis and susceptibility; how the host microbiome and metabolic states drive immunity; human immunogenetics, immunopharmacology and translational immunotherapy (checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T cells) and vaccination strategies
  • microbiology of different fungal microbes
  • “next generation” of promising young investigators in the field
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