Microbiome: 18-21 July 2019, USA

A new meeting on Microbiome will be held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York on 18-21 July 2019.

The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 18, and will conclude with lunch on Sunday, July 22, 2019. The proposed meeting will assemble the leaders in the field, together with junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students, to discuss new, cutting-edge developments in the study of all aspects of microbiome research.

There is  scope for securing partial scholarship for the ones who are US citizens/permanent residents from minority groups under-represented in the life sciences. Please visit the website for a more details.

Key topics
  • microbial function: from strains to small molecules
  • microbe-microbe interactions
  • mathematical modeling of microbial communities
  • microbial community assembly
  • cancer & chronic disease microbiome
  • antibiotic resistance
  • synthetic biology
  • new and upcoming technologies to study microbiomes

Important dates

Abstract deadline: 3 May 2019

Further details
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