PhD Holder Position - "Impact of hospitalization in nasal microbiome and resistome": Portugal

The international call for a PhD Holder position to pursue scientific research activities is open at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier (ITQB NOVA), and is funded by national funds through the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., with the following guidelines and specifications:


The decision to open this call is raised by the research activities related with the project entitled “Impact of hospitalization in nasal microbione and resistome”, which has been developed by a Post-Doctoral Fellow, within a FCT fellowship with reference SFRH/BPD/111922/2015, and fulfilling the conditions contained in article 23 of the Decree-Law No. 57/2016 of 29 August. Taking into account that the legal cause of the decision to open this competition is the exercise of research activities performed by a Post-Doctoral Fellow under the terms of the aforementioned normative rule, the opening of the call is reverted if the holder of the above mentioned fellowship does not submit an application. The signature of the work contract with the winning candidate depends on the establishment of Contract Program between ITQB NOVA and the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., enabling the financing and corresponding budget.

General admission requirements:

  • any national, foreign and stateless candidate(s) holding a PhD degree in Biology, specialization in Molecular Biology
  • holders of a scientific and professional curriculum showing a relevant profile for the activity to be developed

If the doctoral degree has been conferred by a foreign higher education institution (not Portuguese), it must comply with the provisions of Decree-Law no. 341/2007, of October 12, and with all formalities established therein must be fulfilled by the application deadline.

Specific admission requirements:

  • PhD in Biology, specialization in Molecular Biology
  • research experience (10 years minimum) in the area of Microbiology, specifically in Molecular Epidemiology of Staphylococcus aureus
  • research experience in Molecular Typing of Gram-Positive Bacteria using MLST, spa typing and whole genome sequencing approaches
  • knowledge in the use of Bioinformatic tools for the analysis of sequencing data, namely the use of CLC genomics Workbench software, RAST, Mauve, RESFINDER, Plasmid finder, Virulence finder and the web-based databases of MLST and spa typing
  • previous experience in projects that involved the contact with the hospital environment, and the hospital staff
  • future research plans in the area of Molecular Microbiology, specifically in projects involving multidrug resistant bacteria which are relevant to public health
  • previous participation in National and International Research Projects
  • previous participation and presentation of work at National and International Meetings
  • recognition of the merit of work performed by the scientific community (awards and fellowships/grants)
  • co-supervision of Master Degree and/or PhD Thesis in Microbiology area of research
  • organization of scientific events and outreach science events in the area of Microbiology
  • teaching experience in Master Degree Courses in the area of Microbiology
  • experience as examiner of scientific work (including thesis) and ad-hoc reviewer for Scientific Journals
  • good capacity for team work, critical and communication skills
  • fluency in English

Duties to be performed:

  1. performing scientific research activities in the areas identified above, or in related areas
  2. secure external funding
  3. coordination of national and international projects
  4. to have an active role in the dynamization of international collaborations in the specific scientific area
  5. training of researchers at master, doctoral and post-doctoral levels
  6. participation in the academic and management bodies of the institute
  7. participation in the life of the institute, namely in the activities of science outreach


The application must be sent by e-mail, indicating the reference (Ref. DL 57-012/DL/2018), to the e-mail address until 17h (GMT) of May 28, 2018.

Notification of Results: All candidates will be informed of the decisions by email.

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