Post-doc in Single-Cell Molecular Biology & Microfluidics: France

Université de Strasbourg offers a PostDoc position. The recruited person will have to conduct a research combining molecular biology and microfluidics and aiming at characterizing RNAs in high-throughput regimes and with single-cell resolution. Reaching these goals will require the candidate to have a strong expertise in molecular biology as well as the capacity to work at the interface of biology, microfluidics, chemistry and bioinformatics. In particular, the candidate will have to interact with the other researchers of the team (as well as collaborators) and valorize the data by writing articles on the topics.

Specific Requirements:

Required knowledge and skills:

  • Expertise in molecular biology especially in the manipulation of nucleic acids (e.g. preparation of NGS libraries)
  • Prior experience with microfluidics, basic knowledge in Bioinformatics (e.g. using Python to handle sequencing data) would be appreciated
  • Prior experience in microbiology and/or mammalian cell culture would be appreciated
  • Proven track record to work efficiently, both independently and as part of a team
  • Written and oral communication skill as well as fluency in English.

The project is hosted by the team “Digital Biology of RNA” headed by Michael Ryckelynck in IBMC (Strasbourg-France). The team is specialized in the development and the use of droplet-based microfluidics to address biological questions related to the study of gene expression regulation, especially those involving non-coding RNAs.

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