Postdoc Fellowship: Development of functional screening approaches for assessment of bacterial adhesion and virulence, Denmark

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is looking for an ambitious and proactive Postdoc to work on an innovative research project in collaboration between Associate Professor Susanne Brix Pedersen’s research group, Disease Systems Immunology, at the Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine and the newly founded biotech company, Bactolife ApS.

The use of antibiotics and antimicrobials in agriculture poses a risk to society as it accelerates the development of antimicrobial resistance and pollutes the environment. An effective, low-cost treatment for sick animals, which does not generate antibiotic resistance, would be a major benefit for farmers worldwide. Using a proprietary technology platform, Bactolife is currently developing an innovative low-cost treatment option that aims at stabilizing the healthy gut microbiome of animals, increasing animal welfare and limiting use of antibiotics and antimicrobials by farmers.

About the research project
The aim of the project is to develop functional in vitro screening assays for evaluation of bacterial adhesion and virulence, as well as partaking in the development of in vivo protocols for preclinical testing. The candidate will be employing state-of-the-art molecular biology methods and immunological techniques to understand molecular dynamics between proteins and bacteria. Possibly, the candidate will be involved in the design of novel treatments/products that stabilize a healthy microbiome (in humans and/or animals). The candidate will play an important role in strengthening Bactolife’s technological platform, and take part in the development of an entirely new technological field. The day-to-day work will take place at the Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine (DTU) in Kongens Lyngby in the group of Associate Professor Susanne Brix Pedersen, 10 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark, where Bactolife is co-located.

Responsibilities and tasks
The candidate must be a highly motivated scientist trained in the field of protein science, molecular biology, and immunology, preferably with experience working with antibodies and flow cytometry. Furthermore, experience within cell-based screening assays, ELISA, and SPR/Octet analysis is preferred.

The candidate should have a PhD degree or equivalent and:

  • Possess in-depth knowledge of protein science and molecular biology
  • Have previous experience with developing cell-based screening assays
  • Possess strong analytical, organizational, and communication (in English, both oral and written) skills
  • Possess independence, initiative, reliability, and drive
  • Have a passion for entrepreneurial projects with an outgoing personality

Further Information
Please contact Associate Professor Susanne Brix Pedersen ( or Senior Scientist Sandra Wingaard Thrane ( or +45 28996695) for further information.

Further details
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