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Postdoc Human Genetics: Netherlands

Your position
As a postdoctoral researcher you will work on a project aiming to develop an RNA targeting therapy for Huntington disease. Read more about the details of the project in the task description.

In short
• You hold a PhD in Biomedical Sciences
• You are looking for challenging research opportunity
• You have experience in neurodegenerative disorder research
• You are interested in working with induced pluripotent stem cells
• You want to be part of a multidisciplinary project

What you do
Huntington disease (HD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that is caused by a polyglutamine expansion in the huntingtin protein. The polyglutamine research group is developing a therapy that will target the mutant mRNA to reduce toxicity of the mutant protein using induced pluripotent stem cell models of the disease. This project is one of several projects of the research group, designing antisense oligonucleotide therapeutic strategies for brain disorders. The polyglutamine group is led by Dr. Willeke van Roon-Mom. You will be part of this project.

What we ask
The ideal candidate has a PhD degree in Biomedical Science (or an equivalent) and solid experience in molecular and cellular biology. You have a strong interest in neurodegenerative disorders. You possess very good laboratory skills in different PCR applications, cell culture techniques, protein work and cell imaging technologies. Experience in working with induced pluripotent stem cells is an advantage. You have experience with project management, a flexible work attitude and excellent oral and written communication skills (also in English).

Further details
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