Postdoc Position (HIV Research): Germany

The Research Group Innate Immunity and Viral Evasion (headed by Prof. Dr. Christine Goffinet, formerly TWINCORE, Hannover) at the Institute of Virology of Charité is hiring a highly motivated, scientifically excellent, team-minded and experienced postdoc (w/m/d). Our research focuses on cell-intrinsic immunity against viral human-pathogenic infections, with a focus on HIV and arboviruses. Basic research on mechanisms of cellular antiviral restriction factors and sensing, and intercellular communication are progressively translated towards the development of therapeutic and preventive intervention strategies.


Tasks comprise research on cell-intrinsic mechanisms that modulate the course of HIV-1 infection and latency. The goal of the project is the characterization of cellular sensing and restriction strategies in primary CD4+ T-cells and macrophages, the key target cell types of HIV-1 in vivo. In addition, we aim at elucidating respective viral evasion and antagonistic mechanisms. We are also interested in genetic polymorphisms which potentially shape innate immunity against viral infections. The experiments are performed in established primary cell models and using HIV-1 patients´samples. The project benefits from several DFG grants.
Our team is equipped with a brand-new laboratory and a large portfolio of state-of-the-art methodology, including automated FACS, nucleofection, BSL3 confocal live cell imaging, disposes of established techniques of cell biology, molecular biology and immunology (primary cells, cocultures) and has access to core platforms of the Charité/BIH (Genomics, Bioinformatics, Biobank). We offer a highly relevant biomedical research project in an interactive group and a stimulating and internationally highly competitive environment.

Entry requirements

  • Academic degree (completed Master´s Thesis for natural scientists) in human or veterinary medicine, biology or other life science
  • Doctorate/PhD in virology or immunology with visible publication record
  • Fluent Englisch, German language desirable
  • IT skills
  • High degree of self-initiative, team-working ability, analytical thinking, excellent organisation and communication skills, self-responsibility
  • Knowledge and experience in animal experimentation and/or cell/molecular biology
  • Experience in experimental work with BSL3 pathogens
  • Experience in drafting and writing of manuscripts and research grants is required
  • Expertise on high-end confocal microscopy is desirable
  • Experience in teaching and supervision of students (w/m/d) is welcome
Further details
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