Postdoctoral Positions in Neuroimmunology, Mucosal Immunity and Adaptive Immunity (USA)

Multiple fully-funded postdoctoral research positions (NIH and Foundation grant supported) available to study the interface between Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the airway nervous system, and respiratory biology (cough), or to study airway microfilm cells biology and the role of microfilm cells in adaptive immune responses to Mtb infection. Research in the Shiloh lab covers several aspects of immunity including mycobacterial evasion of innate immunity, host detection of intracellular pathogens and mechanisms of mucosal invasion by Mtb.

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Candidates must hold a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree and have a strong foundation in molecular biology, biochemistry or immunology. The candidate should be highly motivated and be able to work with animal or human tissue models as needed.

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