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Researcher in microbial ecology: Sweden

The marine microbiology research group in Kalmar (the Department of Biology and Environmental Science, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Linnaeus University)seeks a researcher for studies of the ecology of marine microorganisms.

Job description

The duties comprise computer-based research within microbial evolutionary ecology focusing on analyses of nucleotide and proteomic data from marine bacterial communities or cultured microorganisms isolated from natural environments. Analysis of functional capacity in the form of, for example, metabolic reaction pathways will comprise one of the main duties. An interest in all areas of research projects, from experiment planning to publication, is of great importance. Work includes contributing supervision of Master- and PhD-students and postdocs. In addition to conducting research and supervision, you are expected to develop computational methodologies for other researchers within the Linnaeus University Centre for Ecology and Evolution in Microbial model Systems (EEMiS) as well as contributing in courses of computational biology for PhD students. The work also involves strategic planning of computer-based resources for the further development of EEMiS within the area. You are also expected to participate in the work of applying for external research funds.

Entry requirements

A person fulfills the general entry requirements if he/she has

  • a doctoral degree in molecular biology, microbiology, evolutionary biology or equivalent, or those who have acquired the equivalent scientific competence are qualified for appointment
  • documented research competence within computational biology, microbial ecology and evolutionary biology comprise the most important assessment grounds for the role
  • experience of genome, transcriptome and proteomic analysis of individual bacterial species as well as natural bacterial communities

Other assessment grounds

  • experience of experiment planning
  • good cooperation skills
  • good communication skills
  • high proficiency in written and verbal English

The application (in English) should contain a CV (with telephone and e-mail), an application letter describing personal motivation and experiences relevant to the research project, and any other documentation that the applicant would like to present. The candidates should also provide contact details (including telephone number and e-mail address) of two reference persons. Please apply no later than April 1, 2019

Contact persons
Faculty Dean Ian Nicholls,
Head of department Per-Eric Betzholtz,
Professor Jarone Pinhassi,
HR partner Christian Andersson,
Union representatives are reached via the University switchboard.

Further details
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