Out Now: Careers Series from FEMS Microbiology Letters


We have published the first Thematic Issue in 2019 of FEMS Microbiology Letters. This issue focuses on articles discussing careers and the professional development of microbiologists.

Image from ”Career exploration strategies” by Robert Dolan

Whether you are embarking on your first job, or looking to take the next professional step in your career, deciding to apply for a new job can be a daunting process. The Professional Development Section of FEMS Microbiology Letters serves to provide timely articles of interest to microbiologists (and others) at various stages of their career. In support of this goal the Editors have compiled a Thematic Series on Careers providing expert advice on all aspects of the job hunt (e.g. interviews, negotiations, CVs fit for purpose).

The series is authored by Robert Dolan, a Certified Job Search and Career Transition Consultant with experience in the field of Career Management since 2001. The advice given in this series is reflective of best practice and relevant to microbiologists, biologists, scientists in general and frequently to anyone hunting a job.

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