Out Now: Secreted and Signalling RNAs of Bacteria


We have published a thematic issue of FEMS Microbiology Letters, featuring 11 articles on the topic of RNA signalling.

Conceptual view of extracellular production of functional recombinant RNAs using Rdv. sulfidophilum from ”Extracellular nucleic acids of the marine bacterium Rhodovulum sulfidophilum and recombinant RNA production technology using bacteria” by Yo Kikuchi and So Umekage

Browse the Thematic Issue here.

RNAs perform a variety of different functions in all cell types. Originally discovered as coding, de-coding, and transport molecules, they were later recognized as effective regulatory molecules and are now considered as possible structural components of the extracellular matrix in bacterial communities. This special issue was compiled to convey the importance of bacterial extracellular RNAs as new players in intercellular communication, to track the main research directions, and to discuss unsolved problems.

Guest edited by Olga N Ozoline and Jana Jass, read their editorial here.

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