Preparing for an Oral Presentation at World Microbe Forum


***Submit your abstract for oral presentations before 18 March 2021, 12 am CET (midnight).***

The World Microbe Forum will include 13 sessions in the FEMS2021 program that are open to oral presentations. Don’t miss your chance to be seen and heard. Abstract submission and Grants application close 18 March.

Use topics and Keywords for oral presentations

Are you looking to present your research in an oral presentation? This is how to go about it:

  1. When you submit your abstract, select the FEMS topic of your choice and/or add the right keyword (see below), and indicate that you wish to give an oral presentation.
  2. If you have already submitted an abstract, you can revisit your abstract submission and add these details until the abstract submission deadline.

By adding one of the below keywords to your abstract submission, you can be considered for an oral presentation at these sessions.

Session Keyword(s)
Symposium: ESCMID study group for C. difficile C. difficile, healthcare-associated infection
Symposium: VIBRANT session Adhesion, Diagnostic tools, Biofilm, host-pathogen interaction, surface interactions and modifications
VoM/ISVM Symposium: What’s new in the world of viruses of microbes?* Bacteriophages, archaeal viruses, viruses of microbial eukaryotes, virome
EAM Workshop: Microbiology Literacy literacy
FEMS Microbes Symposium: Microbes and the UN sustainable development goals sustainability
EAM Symposium: Sun, global change, and microbes carbon cycle, climate change, nitrogen cycle, photoreception
microLife Symposium: extracellular vesicles vesicles


*This symposium focuses on recent advances in the fundamental biology and utility of the viruses of microorganisms, archaeal viruses, bacteriophages (or phages, the viruses of bacteria) and the viruses of microbial eukaryotes.

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