Read and Publish: Fee-free OA publication?


The publishing landscape is changing rapidly. As part of an effort to make Open Access publication easier, institutions are signing Read and Publish deals, whereby journal subscriptions and the publication of open access articles are prepaid together.​

Our not-for-profit publisher, Oxford University Press (OUP), has signed several Combined OA and Subscription deals which may involve your institute. 

This means if you want to publish Open Access research in any of the FEMS journals, you may be able to do so using the Open Access Prepayment Account of your institute.

To date, the following institutions and consortia have signed Read and Publish deals with OUP:

If these apply to you, find out information about how authors affiliated can make use of the OA funds available.

Our Member Societies can submit news to our network:Microbiology Society (UK and Ireland)

Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of Mould (likely Penicillium candidum, used to make cheeses such as Brie. Magnification: x275 when shortest edge printed at 25 mm. Credit: Dennis Kunkel Microscopy via Microbiology Society

The Microbiology Society has also launched Publish and Read deals, providing unlimited, fee-free OA publishing in any of their six Society journals.

In order to access fee-free Open Access your institution will need to have subscribed to Publish and Read, which also provides your entire institution with complete access to the journal archives.

Authors from almost fifty universities are already using this service so check if you are eligible. If your university hasn’t signed up yet, ask your librarian about Publish and Read.

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