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The #OnThisDay project aims to assemble a collection of historically important microbiology events for every single day of the year to spread amongst our community and the wider public.

These events could be interesting discoveries, the dates of seminal scientific publications, the important moments in the lives of famous microbiologists, or anything that would pique the interest of the microbiology community! These historical facts will be spread through our social media network to raise public awareness of these important scientific developments.

This would be the fourth year that the #OnThisDay project has run and the #OnThisDay facts are amongst the most loved posts on our social media! We are thus looking bring new volunteers into the team from all around the world to communicate even more #OnThisDay microbiological facts across 2022.

See the bellow tweets to get an idea of what the #OnThisDay facts look like:



The role:

  • you will be part of a distributed team of expert volunteers from across the world
  • before the start of each month you will research for interesting microbiology facts for delivery to our social media audiences, with a combined reach of tens of thousands of scientists
  • you will get experience in social media shceduling
  • the monthly commitment it not huge, maybe less than one hour, it can be done on the go, in your spare time, or as you work
  • the team will be coordinated by our Science Communication Officer via email and through some simple documents hosted in the cloud

How to apply:

If you are interested, contact eleni.koursari@fems-microbiology.org with any questions you may have. To apply, please provide a CV and a short paragraph on why you are interested in the project. Deadline Sunday 13th March 2022.

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