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FEMS Webinar Library

Welcome to the FEMS webinars, online events to help you take part in scientific discussion, wherever you are.[...]

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International Microorganism Day - Recorded Talks

International Microorganism Day is celebrated on the 17th September. This day is an opportunity to promote the[...]

FEMS podcast - Microbes and Us

Microbes and Us is brought to you by the Federation of European Microbiological Societies. Launched in May 2021 this[...]

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10 Inspirational Women in Microbiology Infographic

To celebrate IWD on 8 March, we have put together the following beautiful infographic showcasing 10 inspirational[...]

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Curriculum Guidelines for General Microbiology

The FEMS Education Group has drafted a guideline curriculum for teaching Microbiology at B.Sc. level with[...]

FEMS Summer School for Postdocs 2024

The FEMS Summer School for Postdocs recognizes 25 of the most talented and promising researchers from across the[...]

International Microorganism Day 2024

We invite interested individuals and organizations to organize their own International Microorganism Day event in[...]