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Peer Review

We want to showcase and celebrate the fundamental role that peer review plays in the scholarly communications landscape. By bringing together researchers, campaigners and thought leaders in peer review to join the dialogue, we can contribute to effecting real change in how it is delivered for the benefit of society.

One Health

We want to make an impact in global health by familiarizing you with the One Health concept, facilitate  interdisciplinary collaboration and showcase the biggest achievements of this concept into actual science and policy.

Fighting AMR

Finding new antibiotic solutions to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is complex and costly, and this is a challenge that needs to be addressed globally. If you are active in fighting AMR, we have opportunities to help you get involved in fighting AMR.


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Microbial nanowires and electroactive biofilms


Geobacter bacteria are the only microorganisms known to produce conductive appendages or pili to electronically connect cells to extracellular electron acceptors such as iron oxide minerals and uranium. What mechanisms allow their biofilms to generate electrical currents and participate in metal redox transformations?

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