FEMS Journals Announce Article Award Winners 2022


Our FEMS Journals have announced the winners of their Article Awards for 2022.

All authors who published with us in these journals in 2022 were automatically considered for an award upon submission of their papers.The Editors-in-Chief and Editorial Boards of each journal selected the best article from the scientific papers published with them in 2022 and each journal decided to award €1,000 which is split equally between all the authors of the winning paper. The prize money is funded by the income we receive from our journals (which also fund our charitable activities, events, grants, and other awards).

The award also includes special attention, from FEMS and our not-for-profit publisher Oxford University Press, devoted to the winning articles to promote the authors’ research. We have contacted all winners of an Article Award and will be releasing a series of in-depth interviews with each winning author/author group about their research and background, so stay tuned for that!

The winners for 2022 are listed below. Our congratulations go to:

FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Francesca Vulcano, Cedric Hahn, Desiree Roerdink, Hakon Dahle, Eoghan Reeves, Gunter Wegener, Ida H. Steen, Runar Stokke | Phylogenetic and functional diverse ANME-1 thrive in Arctic hydrothermal vents


FEMS Microbiology Letters (MiniReview Award)

Smriti Arora, Samikshha Puri, Nitika Bhambri | A designer diet layout for astronauts using a microbiome mediated approach


FEMS Microbiology Reviews

Anna Roik, Miriam Reverter, Claudia Pogoreutz | A roadmap to understanding diversity and function of coral reef-associated fungi


Pathogens and Disease

Tegar Adriansyah Putra Siregar, Pinidphon Prombutara, Phongthon Kanjanasirirat, Nawapol Kunkaew, Alisa Tubsuwan, Atsadang Boonmee, Tanapat Palaga, Tanawadee Khumpanied, Suparerk Borwornpinyo, Angkana Chaiprasert, Pongsak Utaisincharoen, Marisa Ponpuak | The autophagy-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing strain upregulates KatG to evade starvation-induced autophagic restriction


FEMS Yeast Research

Sean A Bergin, Stephen Allen, Conor Hession, Eoin Ó Cinnéide, Adam Ryan, Kevin P Byrne, Tadhg Ó Cróinín, Kenneth H Wolfe, Geraldine Butler | Identification of European isolates of the lager yeast parent Saccharomyces eubayanus



Anamaria Babosan, Louna Fruchard, Evelyne Krin, André Carvalho, Didier Mazel, Zeynep Baharoglu | Nonessential tRNA and rRNA modifications impact the bacterial response to sub-MIC antibiotic stress


FEMS Microbes

Zandra Fagernäs, Domingo C Salazar-García, María Haber Uriarte, Azucena Avilés Fernández, Amanda G Henry, Joaquín Lomba Maurandi, Andrew T Ozga, Irina M Velsko, Christina Warinner | Understanding the microbial biogeography of ancient human dentitions to guide study design and interpretation 

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