FEMS Yeast Research: 20th Anniversary


FEMS Yeast Research published its first edition in January 2001. Announcing the launch of the journal at the ISSY10 meeting in the Netherlands the previous August, the first Editor-in-Chief, Lex Scheffers, set out two overarching principles for the journal: it would be a broad forum to discuss all aspects of research dealing with yeasts, and quality would be the main factor determining acceptance of papers.

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Image from: ‘Tasting the terroir of wine yeast innovation’ by I S Pretorius

Twenty years later, and now on its 4th Editor-in-Chief, the journal has remained true to these principles. It was appropriate that the journal was introduced at a meeting organised by the International Commission on Yeasts, as FEMS Yeast Research has grown to become the main journal of the yeast community. The support from, and interaction with, the yeast community are integral to the success of the journal.

To mark the 20th anniversary, FEMS Yeast Research is pleased to offer this special set of review articles, contributed by authors who have been intimately involved in overseeing the journal over recent years. These articles also illustrate the breadth of research covered by the journal. Ian Dawes addresses stress and aging, an area of yeast biology that is of interest to both fundamental scientists and biotechnologists; Jens Nielsen discusses how we can use large datasets to rapidly advance our knowledge of yeast metabolism; Richard Calderone reviews past and projected developments in the search for antifungal drugs; and Sakkie Pretorius beautifully integrates the past, present and future of yeast in wine.

The set is completed with an editorial by the current Editor-in-Chief, John Morrissey, that outlines the role for the journal in the face of new trends in scientific publishing. One of the most important messages is that those core values of relevance and quality still resonate and these are further articulated in the refined policies outlining the scope of the journal. The yeast research community is proud of its journal and FEMS Yeast Research will continue to serve those interested in yeast for at least another 20 years!

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