Meet the new FEMS Grants Committee


This month we are delighted to introduce three new members to the FEMS Grants Committee: Triinu Visnapuu, Victor Cid and Alexander Netrusov. They are working closely with our Grants Director, Jozef Anné to support early career researchers access new training opportunities, collaborate on new projects at host institutions and organize microbiology meetings through our extensive Grants programme.

Triinu Visnapuu

University of Tartu, Estonia

“Being a member of the FEMS Grant Board gives an excellent opportunity to try different roles and to accept new challenges in the field of microbiology. I myself received the FEMS Research Fellowship in 2006 during my MSc studies. This stay advanced my scientific career and was a first step to built international collaborations.

As a member of the Grants Board I have an opportunity to support young scientists from all over the Europe to develop their careers and build international networks. In my view FEMS grants should be closely related with the needs of our microbiology community.”

Triinu is also the FEMS Delegate from the Estonian Society for Microbiology

Victor Cid

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

“Pushing forward Young Researcher careers is perhaps the most important commitment that Microbiological Societies and FEMS have in their agendas. Both as a Faculty member, as a Researcher and as an active member of the Spanish Society for Microbiology (especially its Education and Communication Division) I have worked on the promotion of early careers in many ways. I am proud to now be part of the FEMS Grants Committee, an opportunity to accomplish such a goal.”

Victor is a member of the Spanish Society for Microbiology

Alexander Netrusov

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia

“I am teaching Professor of Moscow Lomonosov State University, Microbiology Department, doing experimental research in the area of renewable energy obtaining with microbes. I have published more than a hundred scientific papers in English and several text-books for students in Russian. I have served on several granting bodies in RF (RFBR, RNF, Potanin Fund, Skolkovo etc.) and have been part of the FEMS grants awards team for several years. I hope my experience will help the Grants Committee to work effectively, transparently and assist more young microbiologists in applying for and receiving grants.”

Alexander is also the FEMS Delegate for the Interregional Russian Microbiological Society

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