Microbe Art Competition for International Microorganism Day 2021


Our much loved Microbe Art Contest is coming back again this year to support the Portuguese Society for Microbiology in promoting International Microorganism Day on 17 September 2021! Help celebrate the wondrous world of microbes by getting creative and sharing your art! #MicrobeArt2021

Painting by Erin McIntosh (Website: https://www.erinmcintosh.com/, Instagram: erinlmcintosh)
What is International Microorganism Day?

International Microorganism Day is an initiative which aims to raise awareness about the importance of microorganisms and microbiology research among the general public. It is celebrated every year on the 17th of September commemorating Antonie van Leeuwenhoek’s letter is dated on this day which he notes his observations under the microscope. Learn more about how IMD started in this #FEMSmicroBlog.


What categories are there in the Microbe Art Contest?

Your entry to the contest can be an image, a photograph, a painting, a video, a poem, an animation, a cartoon, a petri dish… Just make sure that the whole piece of art can be viewed well on a single smartphone screen!

There will be the following categories:

  • Best Agar Art
  • Best Cartoon
  • Best Illustration or Painting
  • Best Photography
  • Best Physical Piece
  • Best Writing
  • Grand Prize: Best Art Overall


How to enter?

Simply, post your creation on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) with the hashtags: #MicrobeArt2021 and #InternationalMicroorganismDay and tag one of our social media accounts (or more than one!):


Entry period

The competition is open until 10 September 2021. The winner will be announced live during the International Microorganism Day live stream, happening on the 16th and 17 September 2021, and also on the FEMS social media channels, and website.

Like last year, the winners will be memorialised on the International Microorganism Day website.


How do we choose the winners?

Winners will be chosen by our social media team (consisting of our communications staff, the IMD team, and our Journal Social Media Editors).

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