The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is an independent organization with the goal of promoting the sciences and strengthening their influence in society. The Academy does this by fostering development and innovation in Swedish research, drawing attention to key social issues and cooperating on global issues with the aim of being an international scientific proponent of sustainable development. Only the microbiologists from this wider academy are listed below.


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Andersson, Dan
Björck, Lars
Björck, Glenn
Harboe, Morten
Holmgren, Jan
Kurland, Charles
Masucci, Maria
Normark, Staffan
Norrby, Erling
Sjörgen, Camilla
Svanborg, Catharina
Svennerholm, Ann-Mari


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Klebsiella pneumoniae infection biology: living to counteract host defences

Klebsiella species cause a wide range of diseases including pneumonia, urinary tract infections (UTIs), bloodstream infections and sepsis. These infections are particularly a problem among neonates, elderly and immunocompromised individuals. This review summarises the tremendous progress that has been made to uncover the sophisticated immune evasion strategies of K. pneumoniae. The co-evolution of Klebsiella in response to the challenge of an activated immune has made Klebsiella a formidable pathogen exploiting stealth strategies and actively suppressing innate immune defences to overcome host responses to survive in the tissues.

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