Out now: Microbiome and Microbial Communities Virtual Special Issue


Microorganisms are everywhere. They come together as microbial communities to inhabit almost all ecological niches, ranging from the human gut to soils. Understanding the genetic make-up of these microbial communities, otherwise known as the microbiome, can give valuable insight into the complex ecosystems formed by these communities in response to their niche. Thanks to technological advancements, scientists are rapidly starting to unravel the inner workings of different microbiomes and microbial communities.

To showcase the current developments in this emerging field from key leaders and researchers, we are delighted to announce a new Virtual Special Issue on Microbiome and Microbial Communities from FEMS Microbiology Reviews.

This Virtual Special Issue is guest edited by Philippe Sansonetti, an eminent microbiologist who is the President of the European Academy of Microbiology (EAM) and who was awarded the FEMS-Lwoff Award in 2000 for his outstanding contribution to microbiology.

Biological sciences, particularly over the last few decades, have made outstanding progress and achieved major breakthroughs thanks to the scientists’ capacity to generate novel concepts and phase them with mastering of ever evolving technologies… As reliable results will bear on the reproducibility and resolution of techniques, the stakes are getting higher than ever and reviews like those collected in this virtual issue of FEMS Microbiology Reviews are a must read‖ for those tempted to enter the field.

Philippe Sansonetti, Guest Editor, FEMS Microbiology Reviews

We hope you enjoy this collection of reviews from leaders in the field and discover new advances in the microbiome and microbial communities.

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