Get involved in a FEMS Directorship or Committee

Are you considering making a positive impact on the microbiological community? Then have a look at our Call for Nominations for Directorships, the Election Committee and the Grants Committee.

You can be nominated for the Election Committee or Grants Committee until 14 December 2017.

If you are interested in one of the Directorships (Treasurer, Secretary-General or Grants & Awards Impact (policy & business), you can send in your Expression of interest before 31 January 2018 via this link.

Are you looking to extend your network and build your experience while supporting the advancement of microbiology? Then have a look at our call for candidates for the Election Committee.
The Election Committee is established with the overall objective of encouraging nominations to the FEMS Board of Directors (the “BoD”) of candidates representing the full diversity of FEMS Member Societies and of the FEMS community. At the same time, the ElCom will ensure there are fair and appropriate nominations for each position on the BoD and will oversee the election process, ensuring full transparency and compliance with existing regulations. Read more

Please get in touch with the FEMS Delegate of the society you are a member of, or any Board Member of our Board of Directors if you are interested in taking part in the Election Committee.

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Behind the scenes at FEMS

Dr Kaisa Haukka (FI-SBBF) participated in the preparation group for the Election Committee.

It was a very nice experience indeed. We wanted to address diversity in different positions in FEMS; of fields of microbiology, whether people work with academia or companies or research interests, age groups, gender. We started the work via email and we met once – it was a very nice meeting. Different ideas come and you develop them further and you end up with the best solution for everyone.”