Supporting Editors and Reviewers – Vouchers for Attending Events in 2021


We have reached out to our Editors, and a selection of the best reviewers in our journals, with 600 vouchers to attend online events in 2021. This is to thank them for their crucial role in the peer review process of the seven FEMS Journals, and to continue our efforts to invest in science.

Additional to these special vouchers, the FEMS journals normally give a substantial amount of financial support to the community around events. For instance, we have a budget to fund Editors to attend scientific conferences, give all Editors a free registration for the World Microbe Forum, and regularly hand out Oral & Poster Presentation Awards to Early Career Scientists. However, such options were limited in 2020 due to the cancellation of most in-real-life events.

We have therefore decided to reinvest last year’s leftover support budget and hand it out as “online event vouchers” to people who contributed to the peer-review process. Most upcoming events are going online in 2021 and FEMS has an overview on the Opportunities Board. We’d like to encourage everyone to attend online events in the coming period to keep in touch with your fellow researchers and share new research.

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