Poster & Oral Presentation Prizes


The FEMS Journals award Poster & Oral Presentation Prizes to the best presenters at a range of microbiology events that we support. All Poster & Oral Presentation Prize Winners are listed below, along with links to interviews with each winner.



35th International Specialised Symposium on Yeast (ISSY35) | FEMS Yeast Research | Marta Avramova

BacPath 15 | Pathogens and Disease | Daniel Madiati

5th Conference on Microbial Diversity (MD2019)  | FEMS Microbiology Letters | Ramona Marasco

Polar and Alpine Microbiology 2019 | FEMS Microbiology Ecology | Alyce Hancock & Angelique Ray

European Congress of Virology 2019 | Pathogens and DiseaseWerner Ouwendijk

Human Fungal Pathogens 2019 | FEMS Yeast Research | Wouter Van Genechten

International Conference on Renewable Resources & Biorefineries | FEMS Microbiology Letters | Astri Kusumawardhani

FEMS2019 Congress | All 5 FEMS Journals | Joshua Hamm, Roseanne Holanda, Rekha Gopalan Nair, Guillaume Carrillo, and Ainsley Beaton

Pseudomonas 2019FEMS Microbiology Letters | Benoît Laventie

Campylobacter, Helicobacter and Related Microorganisms Conference 2019FEMS Microbiology Letters | Kavinda Tissera

International Conference of Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology | FEMS Yeast Research | Anna Babour

Applied and Environmental Microbiology Conference (AEM) | FEMS Microbiology Ecology | Dinesh Gupta & Elaine Luo



Molecular Microbial Ecology Group Meeting 2018 | FEMS Microbiology Letters | Chiara Borsetto & Luke Hillary

3rd International Symposium on Sponge Microbiology FEMS Microbiology Ecology | Jing Zhao & Yingxin Li

Bacterial Protein Export 2018 | FEMS Microbiology Letters | Sam Hickman

14th meeting of the International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries | FEMS Microbiology Letters | Vasiliki Kachrimanidou

Microbial Food and Feed Ingredients (MIFFI2018) | FEMS Microbiology Letters | Amaru Indigo Miranda San Martin Djurhuus 



miCROPeFEMS Microbiology Letters | Sandra Memela

International Symposium on Subsurface Microbiology | FEMS Microbiology Ecology | Scott Klasek

Eurobiofilms 2017 | Pathogens and Disease | Vera Carnello

Polar and Alpine Microbiology | FEMS Microbiology Ecology | Max Showalter

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AMR three ways: healthcare crisis, major concepts and the relevance of biofilms

Worldwide, infections are resuming their role as highly effective killing diseases, as current treatments are failing to respond to the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). In this minireview, the impact of AMR in healthcare systems and the major bacteria behind it are highlighted. Ecological aspects of AMR evolution and the complexity of its molecular mechanisms are explained. Major concepts, such as intrinsic, acquired and adaptive resistance, as well as tolerance and heteroresistance, are also clarified. More importantly, the problematic of biofilms and their role in AMR, namely their main resistance and tolerance mechanisms, are elucidated. Finally, some of the most promising anti-biofilm strategies being investigated are reviewed.

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