Testimonials from FEMS 2017


FEMS 2017 was a fantastic gathering of the microbiology community from all over the world, which was made possible by our attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers, Member Societies and Programme, Organising and Grants Committees. See what they have to say about their experiences at FEMS 2017.

Bauke Oudega – FEMS President and Chair of FEMS 2017 Programme Committee
“Many thanks to SEM for collaborating with FEMS!”
Prof. Jeff Errington – Winner of FEMS-Lwoff Award 2017

“I am deeply honored and humbled by this award. Lwoff is one of my scientific heroes. My early career defining paper was based on the use of a lysogenic phage – an area pioneered by Lwoff. Of course, most of the research that led to the award was not done by me, but rather by a long list of tremendously talented PhD students and post-docs who chose to work in my lab. I’m also tremendously grateful to FEMS for enabling me to talk about some of our latest work in the opening session of what is proving to be a really great meeting.”


Mike Jetten @msmjetten – EAM member
#FEMS2017 on behalf of the #anaerobic microbiologists many thanks for the opportunities, hospitality & a great #microbiology meeting 🙂


Eva Harter – Austria
“I published my first paper 3 weeks ago, so my boss asked me if I wanted to go to FEMS 2017 and I said yes. It’s the biggest meeting to share my work.”
Trang Phan – Congress grantee, The Netherlands
“I’ve been listening to many talks and I’ve been inspired.”
Victor De Lorenzo – FEMS 2017 Programme Committee and EAM member
“FEMS 2017 was an amazingly successful meeting… You really left the benchmark quite high for subsequent FEMS meetings!”
Obinna Ezeokoli – Congress grantee, South Africa
“This grant has helped me to showcase my work and is an opportunity to meet scientists in the field and to give me new ideas.”
Justine Rudkin @ScouseMicrobe
#FEMS2017 round up! Massive conference with so many participating countries @scienceisvital #global #collaboration
  Estefana Garcia Rios and Miguel Morard – FEMS 2017 volunteers
“Very exciting meeting, full of good science!”
“Great science and people.”
  Claire Lallement – France
“I’ve always heard of FEMS and I had the opportunity to submit an abstract – I wanted to learn and meet others in my field. I wanted to learn more about biofilms to better understand the regulation of AMR.”
Antonio Ventosa – SEM President and Chair of FEMS 2017 Organising Committee
“It has been great working with you during the past two years to make FEMS-SEM 2017 an exciting and successful congress!”
  Doganhan Er – Congress grantee, Turkey
“This grant has helped me come to the Congress and it allows me to discuss microbiology with microbiologists all over the world and helps me promote my work with other poster presenters especially. I have previously taken a Meeting Attendance grant for an ESCMID meeting in 2014 in Spain, and this is my second meeting helped by FEMS – it’s great. I have had chance to go to two international conferences and I have come both times because of FEMS.”
Phil Aldridge @wragbags
And that’s a wrap – fantastic conference, great people, awesome venue, inspiring environment #sciencerocks #FEMS2017
  Catia Caneiras – Portugal
“I came to FEMS 2017 to share my work and to continue learning.”
Victor Cid – SEM Education Group
“I must say that this was a great opportunity for us. We cannot engage more than 500 people in our national meetings at their best… FEMS 2017 has been a boost of hope for Spanish microbiologists. We were badly in need for oxygen, and this Congress has put our science in value and made us feel like we are breathing again. We really feel proud to contribute to building a competitive community of European microbiologists from our modest, yet significant, situation. Furthermore, I think that the co-organization of the Congress by FEMS and SEM was very fruitful in scientific terms.”
  Paco Silva, Myriam Hamou Segarra and Javier Miralles Lorenzo – FEMS 2017 volunteers
Raquel Ferrer Espada – Congress grantee, USA
“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the FEMS Early Career Scientist grant. I mainly came to catch up with old colleagues in Spain.”
Frank Jankowitsch‏ @frank220419
#FEMS2017 Very interesting and inspiring conference. Thanks to all the presenters and delegates for sharing work and the great discussions.
Shih-Jie Chen – Taiwan
“I came to FEMS 2017 to show my research to everyone on Acinetobacter baumannii and to meet many people from all over the world.”
Carmen Lopez-Joven – Congress grantee, Chile
“I wanted to come to FEMS 2017 because of the topics here.”
Juan Alfonso Ayala Serrano – SEM and FEMS 2017 Organising Committee
“Thanks to all people involved in the scientific and organization committees, as well as the human team of Kenes, not only for the successful meeting that FEMS and SEM have gotten, but also for the high human quality of all of you. It was a pleasure to work jointly with you.”
Divya Kandari – India
“I’m planning to publish, so I wanted to see what other people are doing. I went to the FEMS science publications workshop on what you should do to publish a paper and it was so useful. I wrote down every single point. I just have so many take-home messages to bring back to India – I have so many notes!”
Nichole Broderick‏ @nabroderick
Great time at #FEMS2017. Excellent meeting and Valencia was a lovely host city.
Ina Gajic – Congress grantee, Serbia
“This is my first time at a FEMS Congress and I’m very excited to be surrounded by all these posters and research. Without the FEMS Early Career Scientist grant, I wouldn’t be able to come to all this. I’m very grateful.”
  Dasel Mulwa Kaindi – Congress grantee, Kenya
“I wanted to gain exposure to new technologies and network with others and seek collaboration opportunities – without them, we are not able to work.”
Ana Milena Murillo – Colombia
“I wanted to present my research that I found in my Masters. This is my first time to Europe and I have enjoyed relating to other researchers.”
Chelsey VanDrisse @DearBacteria
Closing ceremony of #FEMS2017: check out all the posters! Tons of research happening all over the world. Thanks for a great congress!!
Mohammed Khezri Ahmadabad – Iran
“Here there is good experiences with different people and from different cultures.”
Marcos Heredero Iborra and Walter Randazzo – FEMS 2017 volunteers
“FEMS is awesome”.
“Viral FEMS Congress”.

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