Call for Papers: New Thematic Issue of FEMS Letters


Thematic Issue on Metabolite Transport and its Impact on Metabolic Engineering Approaches

We are now accepting submissions of scientific papers for an upcoming thematic issue of FEMS Microbiology Letters. This issue will be on metabolite transport and its impact on metabolic engineering approaches. The editors of this thematic issue are Matthias G. Steiger (, Gennaro Agrimi (

Metabolite transport across cellular membranes is a key feature of living organisms. Specialized proteins or protein complexes mediate such transport processes and are accessible to genetic engineering approaches. This special issue will reflect on the different transport between cellular compartments. It will provide an overview about different transporter classes and metabolic engineering approaches in different organisms ranging from Bacteria to Eukarya.

All submitted manuscripts will be subjected to our standard independent peer review. Authors should specify ‘Metabolite Transport 2019’ in the cover letter. Prospective authors for MiniReviews or Commentaries must contact the Issue’s Editors in advance.

For instructions to authors, please see the FEMS Microbiology Letters General Instructions page.


Please share this announcement with colleagues using the flyer available here.

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