Meet FEMS Industry Placement grantee Lorena Donzella

31-01-23 cameronw1986

Industry Placement Grants assist early career scientists to gain experience at a European host industry.

Lorena Donzella: Universidade Do Minho, Portugal

Host industry: Carbery Food Ingredients Limited, Ireland

Dates: 1 April – 31 August 2022

FEMS Member Society Membership: Microbiology Society




I am an Industrial Biotechnologist, passionate about environmental problems and the huge potential of yeasts that can help to solve them. I believe industrial biotechnology is the key to obtain new interesting yeast strains with sustainable and green applications. I recently completed my PhD in the ITN YEASTDOC in Microbial Biotechnology at Universidade do Minho (PT) and University College Cork (IE). I also hold a Bachelor and a Master in Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology from the University Aldo Moro di Bari (Italy).

During the R&D internship in Carbery Group (Ireland), my role was Fermentation Scientist for the optimization of yeast growth (not-GMO) and bioethanol production from dairy wastes. In these months, I delivered solutions to implement the bioprocess and I had frequent meetings with both the research/production and financial teams to establish cost and generate a financial model of the business case. This internship helped me to grow personally and professionally, allowing me to deepen my knowledge in development of biotech processes which combine research progress, sustainability and economic growth.

FEMS often helped me to implement my career allowing me to go to conferences or in this case contributing to my industry placement. Providing students and researchers with financial help to gain experience, travelling from one host institution to another one and attending conferences is an investment to develop microbiology, networking and scientific collaboration across Europe. FEMS can continue this scientific development promoting new funding systems and scholarships.

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